The 12 key factors affecting Shanghai dragon ranking website



specifically is the current page by other users, other sites recognized degree, including sharing, other websites and other sites to copy the number of users, namely "citation analysis".

note: the correlation degree of understanding is: if the page contains the relevant keywords and user query, or refer to the page links from relevant pages and keywords, keyword anchor text and user search used and links related to the relevance of this page to return to the user will be able to participate in the document queue in the ranking.

2, "the importance of

chain correlation;

the chain increase speed (here also includes the high quality of the chain increased speed): link the increase in the rate of believe that as long as the Shanghai dragon veteran all understand, but because of its maneuverability is not too strong, many novice will Shanghai Longfeng have been neglected, links increase the speed if it is generally increased gradually from a daily increase to day 3, the search engine will think that your site authority gradually increases, will have beneficial effects on the ranking; if links such as the daily increase speed gradually reduce 10 down to a daily, search engine will think that your site authority in the lower, it seems that this is because in the search engine no one is willing to link your performance, recommend owners pay attention to this factor, at least in your site.

1, "association of

3, the current page external links

Although the


in view of a lot of time valuable to serve Shanghai Longfeng LAN Xuan dry cargo, about their views on Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique is written at the end of the article, interested can read dry cargo to see, I believe you also very useful.

The number of

4, the quality of the chain site level


here is every webmaster of the Links carefully conceal mentioning, so far Links still is one of the factors of the railway station has a certain status ranking. The search engine watch Links index has four main points:

chain of credibility and authority;

note: here is an important parameter in the importance ranking page in the same set of keywords in a document, including the current site relative authority, other web search engine on the website of the trust. This is the two key factors influence ranking.

said the official term is search engine returns to the search query document content with user’s intention and keyword matching degree.

chain has been a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners see is useless, but it also depends on what the chain. The main indexes of external links: links, links to the source page between the authority and credibility, the number of links. (do not confuse with the garbage outside the chain of


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