Question the search can really represent the future of search

is entering a more professional vertical website how to. Can see this page does not have a clear "millet mobile phone website links to related sites in the upper right corner is relatively vague, not clearly marked the official website of the word. While ordinary users search keywords that might just want to go to the official website of millet and other relevant information so much is superfluous. If you can like Google click "good luck" directly into the official website that is the user wants to see. And now this kind of ambiguous results page user experience is actually not very good.

The first

open search slogans in the media has repeatedly appeared in August this year, I have slowly begun to explore the search engine. Grope for so long, the truth is not satisfied with this, of course, open search has just started, not to build a complete system. But always hear a number of media industry one after another on the search of "a bright future", "represents the future trend of" and so on the report, today love Shanghai news, search engine on the Internet – this column, it is to see the following scene:


search results display page features a large, is a list of the traditional search engine page, instead of special type more rich and colorful pages, including illustrations, encyclopedia, news, information, pictures, video, micro-blog and so on, foryou. As the search for "the official website of millet, the results show as follows:

second is the first question question extension. Keywords this topic page is only applicable to relatively broad, if found some long tail words, as long as a little bit a bit more specific, the search results page right back transfer >

, the display page still looks very good. But this needs to be raised two questions.

This figure is not cut

rarely see the love of Shanghai news that the layout, namely headlines and the headlines are all reported a pair of content, and also related to the title. The search is really attractive? Really can rise to "represents the future trend of the height? As a spectator, combined with their months of exploration, open this search search on the following questions:

questioned a page questioned

In fact, this year in the name of The results show:


2012, the search engine of the war is very strong, especially after 360 suddenly reached, stir up a pool of stagnant water search sector. In addition to several common gangster fighting outside, some of the emerging search engine although not involved in the war, but seems to be quietly blooming, gradually accumulate strength to participate in the competitive search. Among them, the long put forward open search search is a can make people doubt and look forward to the search engine.


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