Shanghai dragon is the simple things to do

in Shanghai dragon is not a mystery, "Shanghai dragon is a simple thing.

. I believe that as long as the webmaster, web site updates are not unfamiliar, the true saying "content is king" should also be deep in my mind, but the reality of how many webmaster can strengthen the website content service, do people really love about this website, I am also very ashamed, although this is well aware of the benefits, but because of various reasons, did not perform well, the search has been advocating "user experience", but in the process of doing, but ignore this, just to complete the task type copy and paste.

See Third, learning

. Learning is very important for us, because now what changes quickly, the search engine algorithm are constantly adjusted, if we still stay in the level of understanding of the original, we will soon be abandoned by the search. Learn from or to continue to explore, such as the popular character "some time ago" with a lot of rain is not the way that master site optimization, it tells us to learn something, to practice, to verify, don’t blindly believe.

started out, always want to find out what efficient Shanghai Longfeng advanced technology, can quickly achieve the website ranking search engine first, insist on more than a year of study and exploration, the cruel reality tells me that Shanghai dragon without what to do if the shortcut, long standing, you must do in accordance with the operation and optimization of your ideas, and strong execution, the attempt, it should permit a "Shanghai dragon is a simple thing to do" this sentence. In fact, according to my understanding, Shanghai dragon apart from source code optimization technology of the day, Shanghai Longfeng simple things is three things.

. With the "content is king" the next sentence is "the chain for emperor", the importance of optimization process at the site of the visible in the chain, the chain is very hard, especially for those who have dozens of website owners even more so, I have less than ten sites, is the most difficult thing for me to do every day the chain, even worse is the chain but also the high quality of the chain, so sometimes the mood not good time is too lazy to do, most of the time is to the webmaster site replies, to get the chain through the forum signature, but the chain BBS signature. The weight has been reduced to very low.

First, update

in the A5 forum today a webmaster forwarded an article (written this article I did not write, nor for other speculation, only for a time perception), entitled: don’t go looking for cheats, Shanghai dragon is a simple thing to do, at 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-2805458-1-1.html, behind the title of the sentence is in place, when it comes to my mind, so triggered I simply write something, it is a review and inspiration for me to enter the Shanghai dragon for more than a year

Second, the chain !


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