The construction of the chain operation of video


I personally feel that

we upload video some play are not playing in the upload platform, there is a direct to our website to watch the video, such as love Shanghai Video:

, a simple three step video upload

upload video: video upload is of course to find those famous website, such as 56, these well-known video site potatoes. Of course, we upload the video to handle the title, description of these settings, which is an important area for our construction of the chain.


through this way to enter the website, because there is a clear goal, so the amount of video click on the site will be higher. This reminds us to do the related video link is very important. Secondly, a video upload, it is for a long term. With the background data to see, the following is the author of several video upload, through the data flow diagram of these video in a day:

more than just love Shanghai included the video on the site, from the Shanghai love in traffic video. Of course, we have other channels, such as from 56 video titles and descriptions on the website link to flow.

chain construction of our pursuit of quality, for a long time. Look at these requirements, the first reaction is probably love Shanghai SOSO ask these products, the construction of the chain platform. Then love Shanghai products is not good to do, but also requires a lot of QQ SOSO ask for the construction of VPN. Also need to spend a lot of time, and now the link SOSO quiz is to jump, no increase in weight. What meet these requirements the construction of the chain platform? The author here to share the author recently through the construction of the chain of video flow experience:

2. Video Converter: because not every video can be uploaded directly, so it is necessary to use video format conversion software for video processing and video conversion software on the Internet is also very much.



two, stable source of traffic and higher click on the

video chain construction is a kind of high quality, the chain construction situation of strong stability. If they do the training institutions, through the self-made video, can achieve a viral effect, so I think the construction of video chain is building a way worth mining. The original blog by Jia Xuelong 贵族宝贝>

1. Download Video: video website can not put it on your website by some foreign related video download. The Chinese video on the Internet has been used too many times, if the site weight is not high, citing those video also discharged to what a good place. It is recommended to download foreign video, avoid too much competition.


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