Shanghai love means what micro blog search results of information

, the wolf toothless to remind those who do the news station and local portal station should pay more attention to, because only hot words the timeliness of the micro-blog content, the influence of news and local portal station is the largest. What changes we should make adjustments to cope with the search engine.

2, appeared in the ranking of the time also has timeliness. Often a day longer. For example, "Wang Luodan Ge You wig" of the word, micro-blog search results page yesterday, today has no.

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for the webmaster, if micro-blog is not love Shanghai used to grab traffic appear on the home page, you probably will not talk too much on micro-blog. It just proves their popularity and status in the Internet of things. Sometimes those are the clouds. Although micro-blog marketing is long-standing, there are success stories. That was the big brand advertising play.

in the development of Internet users, increasing constantly, constantly enrich in the application. Before the love Shanghai launch box operations in head waves. Because of love and love Shanghai, Shanghai cooperation application will often directly take most of the traffic stopped. Now, the development of micro-blog will slowly affect the webmaster. 09 Sina micro-blog appeared in the way, until now, the major portals have their own micro-blog business. The main Sina, Sohu, Tencent. There are even some personal website want to share a cup of soup. But micro-blog still has very strong viscosity, because the same information if it does seem a bit boring in Sina and micro-blog in micro-blog Tencent. And the two portal micro-blog users and fans will not overlap. So to survive only then three or four micro-blog.

Speaking of

1, popular real-time information and news content will have micro-blog keyword search results. The timeliness and micro-blog has a subtle relationship.

The timeliness of the

micro-blog now appears in what it means to love Shanghai

love Shanghai new home after the launch, some popular search terms will appear in the new home, it is these words let the author found that micro-blog information has appeared in Shanghai love search results. These words have the following characteristics:

search results?

4, currently only Sohu micro-blog and Tencent micro-blog content will be displayed. The larger Sina micro-blog also did not show, it is noteworthy.

learned this love Shanghai for micro-blog’s subtle attitude, we expect is for web site operators will produce what effect. How should we go to the network promotion by micro-blog. Study on love Shanghai content on micro-blog ranking algorithm. And forwarding, or message, or related to the number of fans, or about the real name authentication.

3, micro-blog search results content. The result is often a minute, a few minutes before the content update. While other sites may be the day before the content. This is really the second.


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