Long tail keywords optimization of single page optimization

is a high quality web site can give great help, can improve the site traffic, improve the overall weight, and improve the conversion rate of the column web site and improve brand effect. Since the high quality "there are so many useless, so how to build a high quality"? I think the high quality of the web page is clean and tidy, access speed, readable, of course, this is just a high quality "to have the most basic requirements, to the website weight keywords ranking and play a role, also need some other means to optimize it, here is some of their own energy high quality web page:

first, long tail keywords lot, choose to have some long tail keywords or index words can bring conversion words, so that it can bring to the site keywords ranking of interest, and then add the title tag in the background section, the long tail keywords to push the add in, let the search engine think we pay more attention to the word. Give relatively high weight, the search engine is the first left and right to judge the importance of keywords, so it is best to ranking of keywords according to the importance of words. And to set the background in the station if there are these words, the words "to link to push on, increase the spider crawling frequency. And I feel a push too much waste of time and energy, is not worthwhile, so I have 2 similar long tail words tied together with a high quality of the article page to push, if it is a relatively competitive word can also consider to do with the column page. Such as: XX disease can cure it, how to cure this disease XX two words.

was the site are generally the first to enhance the site weight, the weight of high, just write one or two articles or add in the column, estimation of long tail keywords ranking can be up to 3. But I took the whole weight of this website are relatively low, such as weight, lily is cold, so intend to use some high quality pages to promote some long tail keywords ranking, by pulling columns and ZhengZhan weight. Here is what I do:

is the title of the article is composed of two long tail keywords, so these two words are similar, the high correlation, otherwise the article will lose readability and flow. >

I had taken over a gynecological medical website, just over the objective of the web site keywords is too hot, and the site was built in less than six months, will not flow to flow, no weight weight, in order to grab some of those old website traffic is very difficult, so going to to optimize some long tail keywords to intercept some traffic, after all, no words which website can do first, with much simpler from the long tail keywords, but also can be operated. Keywords: PS (here is not to write out, gynecological disease is difficult to write out some expression, are estimated to be harmonious off, you know, those pages, and just to see me before to get ranking dropped, it can also give you a screenshot to see, no way, after all, a year many).


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