see Title and H1 analysis of the relationship and distinction

H1 and Title

station Shanghai dragon’s point of view, good website without title, good article without title. As the saying goes: "a good title half power". Is this meaning. The site of Shanghai dragon, the role of the H1 tag is almost equal to the TITLE title. Mark the weight H1 page given than other text within the page are much higher. Comparison of H1 and title, the level of weight, T>

H1 and Title

title and H1

H1 is not equal to title. H1, headline. Generally appear in the article page, like a newspaper headline, the use of readers did not see content before they probably understand the purpose, it is directly to the user’s. In Shanghai dragon, the search engine also attaches great importance to the H1, the purpose is to tell the search engine, this place is very important, H1 close to the contents of the article, highlight the theme, concise and comprehensive. Title is in the face of search engine and user, its range compared to H1 to Title wide, can be included in H1, tiele in the search engine are weighted higher than H1; generally speaking, H1 to highlight the theme, title theme keyword.

what is the difference? ?From the perspective of Title ? The relationship between

highlight the theme, with H1, in the face of the user, to highlight its visual effect. Outstanding website title or keyword title, an article, a page best only a H1, H1 with too much, will dilute the theme; a web site can have multiple title, preferably a single page with a title so as to highlight the theme of web page information. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, the weight of title is higher than H1, its applicability to wider than H1.

everyone in the station, will use headline < on the site or article; H1> and title site title attribute attribute. Many new Adsense site in Shanghai Longfeng process, think H1 is equivalent to Title. In fact, there are two differences and relations, the two can not be equated. The analysis of title and H1 from the main page and angle.

website, website title search engine and users can directly tell what the page is about the theme and content of the website. From this point of view, the user into the content page, the content of the article is of course want to see H1, the title of the article is the most important and should be prominent. An article can only have a title, a page is the best use of a H1; a plurality of H1 will cause the search engines do not know the most important pages which lead to dilute the page title, title and keywords, not to highlight the theme of the effect. From the perspective of the website, title is on the website information from the title; point of view, H1 summarized the theme.

I see

H1 is equivalent to Title


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