Discussion on several common ways and methods to deal with the Wangzhuan liar

interest is the eternal theme of humanity, human reason is against each other, in front of the interests, some people become a liar, some people can stick to the gentleman; now Wangzhuan is a focus of many people to compete, many people want to make money through Wangzhuan, and there are a lot of people use this money attitude, hard to deceive the line just near the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice, inside the industry two important forces, here we have to introduce how to see through the trick Wangzhuan and coping methods


: network typist, daily has reached 600 yuan

trick: this trick looks very easy to see through, but there is still a lot of people fooled, earn 100 yuan from a few years ago a day, now a lot of part-time information on the website have changed the day to earn 600 yuan, or even more, as if it is not enough to attract attention, and often said free registered members, provided free of charge typing the manuscript, but ask you to pay the postage, in short, many places are free, there will be only one place to pay, but some are very high, some are not high, people are always fooled, the key is to earn 600800 very seductive, but who are the typist


response: when a day to earn hundreds of yuan must be vigilant, any Wangzhuan are not a little technical content can earn so much money, the more simple, low barriers to entry, earn less money will be, always have this idea, so the temptation will not!

two: free training, make money and then pay tuition

trick: tell you a day to earn good Wangzhuan, hundreds of yuan, and then give you a free training, free tuition, but you should learn to make money to ensure the tuition, you are not what seems natural loss, many people do, and even a lot of network make master into the then, in training you, ask you to continue to practice, and provide some platform for you to practice, actually are free to work for him


response: in fact, this kind of deception is relatively hidden, many novice encountered estimates will be deceived, but if you want to think about it, you will find the flaws, who will make money so easy to project free for everyone? It was you certainly not, so long as to do some good thinking


three: SP SMS union tutorial profiteering temptation

trick: many people now take some out of date to deceive the people because of huge projects, these projects are very rare now to obtain profits, such as the SP project, it often costs tens of dollars to cheat you send text messages at once a month, but now SP regulation is too strict, want to make money even more difficult


: a tutorial and tricks to deal with selling can earn a lot of money should be vigilant, unless it is need to do to make money through efforts such as tutorials, SEO tutorial and so on, it can still learn, and those simple things.

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