Keywords the same page different ranking is completely different

you see this headline might say this is not nonsense? The same page keywords different ranking of course is not the same, we may say this with the chain anchor text, in the text of the anchor chain and page layout related keywords. But today I found a new reason. It is with the characteristics of the relevant keywords, of course I do not deny that the chain with the anchor text and anchor chain text and the relevant page keyword layout. But one thing most people ignore is the different characteristics of different keywords keywords, it is because of this focus to different pages of different keyword ranking is not the same, but also very different, today to tell you about what I found this new reason — keywords characteristics.

on my blog for example, my blog made two main keywords, one is Dongguan Shanghai dragon, Shanghai is another dragon training. Shanghai Longfeng training schools in Shanghai since the word I began to pay attention to the dragon, they still have the right to speak. My blog had done the training of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home, but it is not stable, then fell to second pages, it is third pages. I found that although the word index is not high, but very commercial value. So many people compete for the keywords, which may result in a situation that is the key of love Shanghai almost always update, the update speed is quite fast. The change in rank not with the days, I observed even a day before the twenty sites have floating, even when more than one day there will be five or six floating.

another word is Dongguan Shanghai dragon, the key word for training with respect to Shanghai dragon is relatively unpopular. I found the word once up, it is hard to have a large degree of floating. And I do this keywords for two months, from the beginning of time to do this blog title word is in the 66 place, after two big update occurred in two months since, now my blog is ranked 36, and ten days did not move. I believe that only when love will make Shanghai a big update ranking ahead, and I looked at a number of sites in Shanghai love the home page, the ranking is also very stable, basically not what big floating.

from these two words I would like to share key characteristics, it is the Shanghai dragon training this word is also very popular, real-time (effectiveness), is also very important, so love Shanghai will be calculated and updated every day. Such as Dongguan Shanghai dragon word cold cold, that is not so important, love Shanghai may not be updated for all words, so they will be exhausted. A simple example of you will understand, like watching the World Cup football, the importance of such information is to seconds. So this kind of strong timeliness of information, the search engine will quickly grab and update. If it is like a book, you put it on the website. Today is that, after ten years, the content of this book is that, of course is not only the content of the relationship. More important is the user, with >


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