Only three measures to easily make love Shanghai encyclopedia chain



love Shanghai products has been very high, but for the love of Shanghai’s three major product encyclopedia, know, know and love Post Bar, Shanghai Post Bar were strictly limited to the release of the chain, basically left links and posts will be directly know the machine audit filtered out, it is difficult to have a breakthrough. Therefore, relative to the Shanghai love Wikipedia links is more suitable for us to do, and Wikipedia have high weight incomparable, also occupies a space for one person even in the ranking of nobility baby.

account level

chain is a very convenient tool to provide an editing the choice to add chain word, click on the link tool. Many Wikipedia entries not within the chain or chain is very few, can become the reason for change, the author is just to help others with chain, a short period of one month to upgrade to the 6 account.

2, how to find the keyword entry

1, have to learn to pay attention to several aspects of the

content length


content length is an important index to create and modify the Wikipedia encyclopedia, we landed, home will be recommended to edit your entries, look at the characteristics of these entries, are only a short, very short. Therefore, you can edit the contents of how a high pass rate, how can smooth the links, make sure the content of your entry is sufficient.

in terms of the criterion, now a lot of entries even basic statements are read out, is a problem.

in the chain How to get the

The weight of



typos are a frequent problem, modification reasons fill typos, easily through the audit, but the premise is you really modify typos. What is the statement is not fluent, is also a big problem.

now love Shanghai to release the chain algorithm, pay attention to the construction of the chain: the principle of content relevance, has recommended significance. How to use the Shanghai encyclopedia website related keywords love link will become a topic of concern. Today I will share their experiences.

links there are two ways, one is to modify the entry, one is to create entries. Either way, pay attention to the following five points to increase your entry pass rate.

account in high grade (Grade 5) through increased entry, love Shanghai products have this characteristic, have already talked about his method, is to modify hundreds of entries every day, not the pursuit of high quality, the key is to have the amount of experience is also very impressive.

punctuation entry. typos


content? Is very simple, with love in Shanghai to search relevant words, the content of some websites copied, well formatted.


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