Website optimization diagnosis and optimization strategy

The quality and quantity of

3, JS code is properly set;

source code to streamline, setting a reasonable JS code, content labels and image ALT tags; the construction of the chain in the site to five layer architecture follows the home page, channel and column and topic, the content of the page, so that web content has full extensibility; set the site map, all the pages from home by three on arrival, easy to search engine included rating.

3, website knowledge read and reproduced easily, should not be overlooked the navigation bar and search box.

users, according to the degree of difficulty of keywords, reasonable layout from the expansion of the reasonable level, writing the title and description of channel content pages, play a strong link recommendation through chain architecture. As for the optimization of the site’s content, and strive to real, professional, practical and high quality level, encourage originality, make content more in line with the needs of the user search keywords retrieval, content rich, substantial resolution of the information needs of users.

5, website chain set and the construction is smooth;

for the site diagnosis reasonable, we have to adopt relevant optimized strategies.

1, the website included rate

three, the user experience of the website:



in the past, we optimize the diagnostic analysis of a website is reasonable, rely heavily on the PR website and love Shanghai keyword weight. But now PR the desirability of more and more low, we can start from what? The Weifang kidney disease hospital of Shanghai dragon Er will share with you.

2, the source code is simple and normative;

two site data:


1, the website loading speed, a good server and concise code can make your site has more advantages in the loading speed;

Optimization of

site map production properly.

The designing of

, a framework of website:

2, website keywords layout and content optimization:

5, website keywords ranking.


6, The breadth and update for

4, website content labels and pictures of ALT tag is set up properly;

4, love Shanghai chain;

Update 2, a snapshot of the situation;

1, the website structure is clear, the browser compatibility is good;

1, the structure of the website:

Analysis of the

2, website visual experience, good user experience is common through good design experiments to realize

3, Google and YAHOO chain;


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