Thinking of electric business circle Shanghai dragon competition triggered by the love of Shanghai i

users do not

above is comparative data two games start in the same period, a fact that the contest did not start, and compared to last year’s "bobaiyou" keyword contest is failure. From the actual operation, with the match, now more love Shanghai index "electricity business circle" with only the station, especially ranking site. It means that if there is no business competition late index increased greatly, it means that people focus on the game in decline.

wrote this article before, first from the two data start screenshot. The first is the love of Shanghai index "electricity business circle" contest start 20 days.


why the contest will appear so people have some ideas to break,



why?The object of the game is too simple:

is a successful business model, perhaps does not need too many commercial purposes. But the business purpose of the contest is pure, the website promotion organizers and marketing team, the innocent participants more only know that this game is " business " this keyword, and forget who is the host who planned. Run counter to one’s desire。

The viscosity of

friends of the station, do not know whether you know the business circle contest official website? A dragon and Shanghai is not much correlation of e-commerce website, do a keyword optimization of a friend is more love like A5, out of date, this type of website Chinaz. But it is not clear that the first business in this area is obviously not good. The user viscosity from the following screenshot. For a long time, the post also so much. This is another aspect to explain why so many high weight website pages related to love Shanghai home, the original is sent away.


game too much "should" and "must"



believe that many people will say very high. Really high, but is still not high enough. We now look at love index in Shanghai last year sponsored by the A5 Bo excellent "Shanghai dragon contest:


game high requirements of the station. The "business" of Shanghai Longfeng contest, you will find yourself actually no personal freedom. And you have to make your own website to the website to contribute – weight logo chain. In addition you can see a lot of you don’t want to do is to do. Because the 10 thousand yuan bonus is too tempting. Too many restrictions, did not improve the game level, but lost. Give the station more freedom is very easy to do with a free and open attitude so that more people involved, the quantitative change to qualitative change. When no many people participating, the official marketing group had their planning and promotion,


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