Why not just do the bidding of 360 should be rational

is a search company for advertising can be when it comes to the extreme, in addition to home above the body, even the right side of the field were not spared. But the 360 is not this, in addition to the user experience, there are 360 other products such as a browser for grassroots Adsense advertising dilute density, the threat is not big.

is the last 360, advertising is not necessarily a direct need to make money, but also to focus their marketing platform to pave the way for a good relationship, and between the owners and the owners, in order to further tap the market resources.

first 360 has made clear their position, to create a safe and clean environment to search, so in this case, we will review the advertising businesses, to ensure its effectiveness. If you like a search company, the money will dry, I do not want to like directly smashed his own brand, and the 360 is not so silly.

as a grassroots webmaster, itself change on the search industry bigwigs feel incapable of action, often let us search disputes these small roles or. Today saw 360 announced auction ads, he had five mixed, 360 thought eventually is 360, or towards the end of the search engine the traditional profit channels, and a kind of love Shanghai, beginning what to do for money. But I feel calm about the 360 auction ads are not what can not be. As a business must be profitable, or how to talk about the long-term development. But I have to do 360 so great repercussions for, because I was afraid of 360 would like to love Shanghai, gave money to the rankings, serious compression of our development space. But from the current situation, such concerns could be a bit excessive.

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get the message from the current perspective, the 360 forms of advertising can be divided into 3 kinds, respectively "brand direct", "search promotion" and "guess you love". The search for the promotion of Shanghai is the best for promotion, who is out of the high price, who will be able to enhance the keyword search rankings. Guess you love brand direct and are based on the 360 browser, advertising or text is presented in the home page or the appropriate advertising. From the current point of view, 360 advertising and not as a search for products that make, even online advertising mechanism but also for the future development.

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is the first to solve the current industry for its product safety concerns, after all, now Chinese users, white users is not much, a lot of people already know the importance of private data, so to solve the hearts of everyone with doubts is the primary task of 360 long-term development.

so for 360 ads, I do not oppose, but must be rational, not to want to do what the money, after all his weak, slightly indulgence will lead to bad consequences. In addition, in the introduction of advertising mechanism. 360 to continue to do so in the search, the following points should be done.



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