Three elements calm content chain

put this at first? A lot of people doing things will be more impetuous, especially to do search engine optimization, are often not updated snapshot, ranking remittent or included not included, must be calm this time ~ a popular word that is the site to hold live! Once a snapshot before February 2 months, to tell the truth, I also worry ah! But worry is useless, do or what to do every day, don’t think so much! In September finally improved… Smile! Although not updated snapshot, but still in the rankings before the weight, so to remind everyone that the snapshot not update, to learn to calm the usual! What to do or what, sooner or later will restore the

very good!


a lot of people usually do when the chain is not the law or want to do it, do you think of where to do, anywhere! This is a bad phenomenon, should make a plan for myself, for example, a few points to what place to update the chain, how to update it! Then, even if the website snapshot not update, you can also find reasons for the convenience of the study, at the same time continue to improve! Especially on weekends or holidays many websites will stop the update, the station has little effect, has certain influence on the new sites or low weight will be continuously updated, so the chain is a long process, the snapshot update

website has also grab the spider update snapshot, online friends said even the update or change a word, it is not entirely without reason, search engines love new stuff, so we feed it to eat some fresh original usually did not eat. This snapshot is very good, grab the contents page will update the page, this is very simple is not to say

many people are entangled snapshot not update this problem, especially the novice webmaster, sometimes the page snapshot is not so important! But this is mainly for everyone to talk about something that the snapshot of the site every day, do a snapshot of the three elements:

!Third: the chain !

well, after all is said and done is nothing more than the content and how to operate outside the company, will be the most important It differs from man to man., you must be calm, you hold live!! (original by 9U8U web games: 贵族宝贝9u8u贵族宝贝/

One of the premise of


: the first calmWhy )


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