The website snapshot love Shanghai content and the actual content does not match the solution

      if the above two methods you have tried, but did not solve, because love Shanghai database is too large, there may be some deviation, but the chance is very small. If so, then you can go to the complaint to love Shanghai snapshot, to explain the actual content of your site, we can solve the general in three working days.

4. again to love Shanghai to submit your site included


      risk encountered this problem is relatively small, if you touch >

      for a variety of reasons mentioned in the article and their recent test, the general to adjust according to the following aspects are very good solution:

      since the spider crawl to the content of your website snapshot is not your content that your site program is a problem, is the malicious modification, Fanfan Shanghai Longfeng recently carried out by the experiment is through a program written in the file website directory of snapshot and website content of love the Shanghai spiders crawl inconsistent. Therefore, on a regular basis to website program files linked to the black killing, because some of your program is not easy to be software killing, we need to check the web site of the program file has no abnormal or do not know the file.

2. on the website of the procedure for killing

      some time ago Fanfan published the "reason" secret love Shanghai website snapshot and website content does not match in A5, in order to solve this problem these days and friends together for a try, also the successful implementation of the website snapshot content and actual content without paying. Although friends may not have this problem, but in order to be able to help find a solution in the future may encounter the problem of friends, every Shanghai Longfeng will share the love of Shanghai and how to solve the snapshot inconsistent with the actual content of the way.

      the safety of some server provider itself is not very high, more vulnerable to attack, and then hang their own set of the program on the server and on the website, this love Shanghai spiders crawl grab is attacked set content. Therefore, you need to replace the new high security server to solve.

1. replacement of the

      if your domain name is due to other types of stations, resulting domain snapshot, then in addition to love Shanghai snapshot complaints, you can re submit a collection of Shanghai love to your site, and continue to properly update your site, the actual snapshot when the love of Shanghai the spider in the next big update can restore your site.

3. to love Shanghai snapshot complaints


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