Hong Feida lack of experience to make your website is down right to love Shanghai

third: the structure of the website template or frequent change

frequently change the title and description is fatal for the site of the blow, it will make the search engine you feel uncertain, again update snapshot and text search engine so it will stop the spider you stable, and won’t give you a high weight, of course, weight high website occasionally change the title or description is possible sometimes, the search engine will understand, but please be careful not to change frequently, at least stable for more than 2 months.

many people asked if received Links news is very happy and others wait for friends of the chain, in fact this is not wrong, but for the first Links is most concerned about his snapshot, followed by the keyword ranking, then the content of the relationship, I never cared what PR, pay attention to change after Links be sure to regularly check, in order to avoid unnecessary.

can’t deny the accumulation of keywords for the rapid increase in a certain role website ranking, but the site is long, in violation of the rules of search engine website will inevitably have to drop the right, if you don’t want to believe, then look at the recent electric contest it looks like a raging fire, love Shanghai, basically a few the name of the website are not keyword, appear two times is the highest frequency, the description is also appropriate to appear one to two times this is enough, but also appears to be very natural.

second: about Links and reverse link

often Key words: the accumulation of

I have always stressed that Shanghai Dragon technology is not advanced, but the experience is the most important, now many novice webmaster optimization is to imitate a lot of so-called Shanghai dragon online tutorial tutorial, but many of them are not through practice, but the real experience can be said that very few are willing to share master, because that’s what they eat of course, there are also many skills, selfless webmaster, here I talk about what the improper operation will lead to your site is love Shanghai right down:

I summarize these are actually very simple, road to Jane, you know a lot of things, but it is difficult to adhere to, as long as you insist, I believe you will not be too bad. This article from the original 贵族宝贝jianfei1314.5d6d贵族宝贝, please indicate.

many new AdSense for your web site is always not satisfied, often change, in fact there is no need, the normal template are very beautiful, just follow the simple principle of it, this foreign websites do better, the site is relatively not so simple page. In a word search engine to your site is stable, only stable, rest assured to eat spiders also love Shanghai.


: first change the title and description of


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