Examine the quality chain effect in different directions


webmaster understand the construction of the chain can be very good to promote the keywords ranking. In fact, in the construction of the chain can also help a good ranking. And through the chain to improve ranking than the chain is more stable. The reason is very simple, who can not guarantee their outreach will not be deleted. In the optimization of the competition, and our opponents will basically use the same way, but to win the key is in the details, and in the construction of the chain is an effective method to obtain advantage in the details of the. So in the author’s point of view, the importance of the construction of the building within the chain is not less than the outside of the chain. A high quality in the construction of the chain can make the search engine more attention to your site, the construction of the chain can not only enhance the relevance, but also can improve the site keywords overall density, which can promote the role for the site’s ranking. So as a webmaster you absolutely can not be ignored in the rankings for the role of chain.

high quality chain for the importance of a site can be reflected in.

three: a high quality the chain can improve the user friendly experience

for a site within the chain, compared to the importance of every webmaster has deep experience. A site if there is quality in the chain is not only helpful for the transfer of the site’s ranking or weight, also can make you a snapshot or included to maintain a stable development. But in the construction chain for webmasters may still unsuspectingly, especially for the novice. The beginning is also for the construction of the chain is not very seriously, but with the optimization work the author took over a portal, there was a big change for the construction of the chain within the site, can say that if we say that a site’s content is king, the chain for the emperor’s words, it is in the chain after. Only the three complement each other, in order to create a successful site. The author today is simple from the three aspects of the effect of a high quality in the chain for a site.

search engine spider is through the connection. We can search engine spiders as a visitor to our site, the visitor may every day to visit your site, but is a little different and visitors, the spider does not have feelings. When will the U-turn when the road. So for the owners, we must build a quality chain to make more smooth spider crawling our site. Many webmasters may encounter sites not included or not updated snapshot, in fact, the main reason is the chain, this problem, one is not smooth or the presence of dead links within the chain will make the search engine spiders climbed into a dead end, leading to the site included snapshot problems. The chain in the anchor text in the article content owners can reasonably arranged in the relevant keywords or at the bottom of the content side to add articles related to the site more effective.


: a chain of high quality can help improve the keywords ranking

two: a quality within the chain will help the site collection


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