The basic composition of the site within the chain and five functions

navigation links to the most taboo is to visual effect and use js or image links. Due to the content of the picture search engine does not recognize, but if you use the JS, search engine cannot grab link. In addition, the navigation links to the best placed at the top of the page, so that the spider will crawl all directory crawling in the first time, is beneficial to the collection of items.

site within the chain:


text links to the pursuit of universality, as the anchor text link points to a place, this behavior is also belong to excessive optimization. So, we don’t have the same keywords over the link to the category page.

website optimization, you must have a worthwhile optimization site! Website architecture is the skeleton, the web content is that the chain is in the website of the viscera, blood vessels and nerves. Only the spirit in the channel can make, search engine spiders smoothly on the site, will help users access, to further enhance the user experience. In this paper, we share the basic structure of the site within the chain and the role of the five, hope that we can learn some practical skills and useful knowledge from them.


reasonable, will greatly enhance the value chain, greatly enhance the probability of the page is pastebin. But in the update site must remember to update the site map, otherwise it will not work; while the TAG label is not but optimization related keyword clusters, will be more similar to the website listed together, not only to the search engine friendly, also facilitate visitors query similar content, greatly increase the website PV.

website content page links, this is very important. In love the products in Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in love know very well reflected in the relevance of the web page, there are links between many similar entries and related questions, greatly enhance the user viscosity.

404 page function is to tell the visitors page you are looking for does not exist, tell the search engine the page does not exist or has been deleted, remember 404 pages don’t use js to jump to the home page.

six, 404 pages

development of a good website in addition to the quality of the content, but also have the good user experience. To ensure that the structure of the website not you too deep, let users through most 2 clicks you can find what you want. Teach you a simple method of viewing, link to see the number of links in depth "/" the general "/" domain name back 2 to 3 is more appropriate, or web page weight will be relatively low.

navigation links , four pagesTo establish the relevant page of the page directoryOur Site map and TAG label application

site map and TAG label

We first explain the basic structure of the


, a directory structure of the website



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