Tang Zhigui Shanxi Shanghai Dragon World field investigation and interview experience of website opt

field investigation: how to say, good! Of course, including the trace of network love.


Tang Zhigui: there are a lot of people would also like you to contact with the network and early, but some have quit in the middle, you are how to persevere persist the

Tang Zhigui: for now the virtual goods market is great, but some people couldn’t find a way you are how to find and hold on

I interview today is Shanxi Shanghai dragon optimization Tian Shizhen, thank you very much for the support of the field investigation, the first to introduce my interviews, field investigation of Shanxi world, Lvliang, 2006 to now made contact with the network, virtual goods sale, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, part-time training, product planning, Taobao customer etc..

Tian Shizhen: my name is Tian Shi Zhen, 90, May 1, 2005 came into contact with the network, and now also has more than 6 years.

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Tang Zhigui: now we see your site in the rankings fell in love with the sea is very good, and very stable, can tell us the secret of

view of Shanghai dragon


Tian Shizhen: the station: do the link (link and external links), updated regularly, and the original and false original, original to around 80%, the chain to be a little more, Shanghai dragon is one of the main chain, the premise is that you have a good location, the keywords are meaningful, such as do not index keywords chain more no >


field investigation: 06 years the world began to sell cards, QQ sun, etc. virtual goods, has been engaged in the sale of virtual goods, Shanghai dragon optimization, part-time for others what the enterprise training, with each person’s hobbies on! And I think that family also have a certain relationship in the 06 years of school is poor!, but also want to make money, so money network began, a week living expenses of $50

Tang Zhigui: you do Shanghai Longfeng optimization fast for 5 years, can change back to the 5 years of

Tian: No 5 years, the investigation in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a little more than 1 years, oh, 06 years from the beginning to now, then sell the QQ sun, what, but also makes use of the Shanghai dragon, this is I don’t know what is the Shanghai dragon, and later armed and PS, and so on, and I didn’t contact in Shanghai dragon before, is the use of Shanghai Dragon technology to achieve revenue, this is my 06 years in the Sina blog article, obviously we can see, when people search QQ sun and other words can find me, that is Shanghai dragon to directional flow.

Tang Zhigui: first introduce yourself, huh, let everybody know you.


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