Pictures and video search engine optimization techniques

if you want to upload their own video on the site, and submit the video in the video site, then the first in your website links. In this way, you can use the link by using embedded code.

for customers to design my website, I was careful in the Shanghai dragon. Search engine optimization based on the text is very easy, almost anyone can do it. Most people don’t know, Shanghai dragon is pictures and videos, sometimes a website is video and image overlap, so here are some web site search engine optimization techniques


1 at home to upload

It is not overloaded


3 change alt text

in the field of 2 exclusive video

for video search engine optimization techniques:

when I do video search engine optimization, I make sure I have some websites for users, providing something completely on my website, than in other places. For example, sometimes I after the two part of the film. The first part is on the video and my website, but only in the second part of my site, so they want to see me, to learn more.


2 as usual to do keyword

1 set the correct image

it is very important to find the correct image. Why? Because they increase the page of the United States, and can produce some good backlinks. Research shows that the image is the basic point of any website. You can find some good image in Flickr. You can also find some good pictures for Google.

as you will be included in the image.


place, and in the image. They should be in the name of the image file. The name "ipalbum00002322.jpg" image, does not contain a lot of information. However, a "Christmas tree" image will be more specific image.

When I

alternative text will help the search engine "is what you understand. Because the search engine spiders can’t ‘see’ image, and determine its content, you need to add subtitles, to help them understand the image. Another important field to note is the anchor text. If you link the image, text anchor text should contain the keyword.


in fact, this also applies to all types of search engine optimization. Even if you are doing a text search engine optimization, do not over. Make sure the title, file name and alt text and short description. Do not use a complete list of keywords. Your picture must be optimized website visitors.


Search engine optimization technique



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