Share the chain resources skills fast query of competitors


has seen a lot of people write all feel resentment, because for a long time and did not see, I also hope that our compatriots can truly share their knowledge, progress and development of the whole industry will be more, and I always write soft since all depend on some knowledge of their own. Before, and do good to the webmaster, never mislead you, today also want to share with you is a very useful knowledge, more beneficial to our webmaster, convenient and quick.

wd=domain%3Awww.xxx贵族宝贝& lm=1 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s?. The place for your web site, you can go to try, I am here screenshot shows:

On the basis of

can see, after using this technique, we can see the chain you did yesterday is effective, all of these are outside the chain in June 5th included, quickly set your chain on the basis of the guidelines you can.

贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=domain%3Awww.xxx贵族宝贝& lm=7. screenshot shows:

so that we can see competitors since a week is probably the chain where do, therefore their resources for himself, so that you will be more powerful, because they do not have the resources you have, you have some of his, he did not have you, master this skill, so more than the other.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon with the chain this piece is very important, so how do we analysis the chain effect, is a check or how is the fast query method of the chain today I am here to share with you.

for example, we do a lot of the chain yesterday, so we want to see we do these chain is love Shanghai included, I was awkward to use, is to do the chain a EXECL form a record, then second days and 11 to investigate, included how, then decide whether to do, but this day takes a lot of query and record the time, through my own learning, finally found a quick query of the road, that is to use this line of code:


some people will probably say, that this can view their own, so we can also be used for rapid analysis of competitors, according to competitor analysis of others, also can grasp more outside chain resources, then we put this code change, you can query the recent collection of others the following day, the code for the collection of the last 7 days:


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