Shanghai dragon let me see every kind of abnormal employers

ask the employer not worry

in Shanghai dragon industry veteran of thirteen years, I would be seen every kind of bad entrepreneurs. Although an engineering people will encounter different character of the employer, but I do feel Shanghai dragon will encounter more crazy boss. Below I introduce four kinds of met in my career in the Shanghai dragon, see you met several.

you want me to get a Shanghai dragon and how many laps for the telephone, mail and advice? I know a Shanghai Longfeng providers don’t eat lunch so simple. But often between me and the potential customer has reached the customer relationship, I have all I know I can say to him. I try to say the process transparent, so that the customer.

serial entrepreneur employer

either phone or email, I always visit our customers with warm service. I will not to mind taking the trouble and a potential customer and mediation, and introduce them to our Shanghai Longfeng operation process, and I feel so drunk Oh heart very satisfied. I tried to eliminate their worries and concerns, especially when the customer had eaten Shanghai dragon black hat loss. I will order their company to develop a complete solution, and they even face to face. But you know what happens next? They seem to suddenly disappear from the earth. In a wink, no mail reply, the phone has been busy, I think that specially designed for them that they would chant the table into the trash. If you think you don’t need to Shanghai dragon now, or find a better Shanghai Longfeng provider, no problem ah, but you at least tell me so I wasted breath. I spent a lot of effort to take you into our process, so don’t you somehow disappeared.

It is without rhyme or reason..


Every time when I met

when claiming to be a serial entrepreneur employer I always subconsciously think he’s a super employer. I know that some real estate developers built a house immediately sold to someone else, and then turned to another project, they are super rich. But I found the real success of the developers do not stir in a project at the same time. There is a boss has 90 websites, not only that those sites are new in the search engine is not the weight, "the production is also very rough. He asked me to help him with the Shanghai dragon website optimization, and I don’t think that I can really help him, you and I both know a Shanghai dragon er at the same time to take care of so many newborns how could. I advised him to learn and understand basic Shanghai dragon I refuse his reason, maybe then he will become my customers. He replied that he had no money. I wonder, no money, how can you afford a full-time 90 to optimize your web site of the Shanghai dragon er? Shanghai dragon needs patience and to your provider’s trust, both of which he did not.


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