Novice easy to enter Shanghai dragon myth two

, Title, Description, you don’t know the meaning of Keywords, you don’t know what H1-H6 stands for, what are you going to do in Shanghai dragon ah, made out of Shanghai dragon is a blind cat with dead mouse.

actually, it is not too good, why, because the keywords dispersed, since is small, keywords focus best, or separate station, separate optimization. Updated daily articles are around three different keywords to update, but it is easy to be ignored the main keywords.

filled with flash

3, website directory structure set how to help

for everyone to put forward three Shanghai dragon misunderstanding easily into the novice, I read the comments inside some friends said that article I have to help them, so I can point out mistakes, perhaps can really help a lot of little detours, so this article also pointed out that the rookie continued mistakes, correct their mistakes in Shanghai Longfeng view.

size ? !The

hasn’t seen before the article, Liu Santu can go to the blog for a

2, website appearance whether to


first to review three misunderstandings about last time:

I never advocated first on the battlefield to fight, so I give advice, want to learn Shanghai dragon, must go to seriously study the code, at least you have to grasp the simple HTML language. I asked some novice, who told you that you don’t learn the code still can do Shanghai dragon? He told me not to learn the code, I can also write articles, copy articles, keywords, keyword set to add a hyperlink, I can go to the hair of the chain, this is not to learn code can also do Shanghai dragon

or the 3 point about the fear of novice can not digest.


in fact, this view is a fallacy, when I began to learn Shanghai dragon started anyway, I was eating code learned Shanghai dragon, only to understand the meaning of the code, you will know how to correctly do Shanghai dragon.

? For example,


I heard people say that no code can still do Shanghai dragon, is really

before I give a company outside Shanghai dragon company guidance, inside it only two couples in Shanghai to do the dragon, because their website is to do gift recycling, and gift recycling, but also contains wine, Cordyceps, bird’s nest and so on, so they give each product on the website do a news category, and every day they go to update each column, because their home are also displayed for each column, so they think this website rankings soon.

I have many news categories, everyday want to update

1, "what determines the


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