How to love from Shanghai Post Bar fishing tens of thousands of P traffic

Narrator: The second step:

for preparing the bait fish,

The first step: to find fish


now has a small website. This is a very popular news website, the main content is reproduced in major news portal, web site operators, the daily average IP below 1000. Zhang San led the 3 employees through the love of Shanghai Post Bar bring 10 thousand flow as the goal of the website within 1 days. I started to command these roles to complete the task of

around under the hook, key fish


in fishing before, we must understand where there is fish? What fish do promotion is also true?. We love Shanghai Post Bar logged in as much as possible, looking for "fish", which is the user active Post Bar! Here is how we can find hot Post Bar from Post Bar directory. In addition, we can rely on your intuition to search relevant keywords to search for Post Bar. According to the Post Bar user characteristics and their own features of website classification, this is an additive principle – "hot Post Bar" + "active users" + "correlation".



The third step:

fish also found, bait, is cast fishing. According to the general Post Bar popularity to put any number of news, news must comply with the Post Bar audience "hobby"! They can attract browsing and interest in participation, can cause the interaction is best, but also need to do the link of camouflage, these links may be located in the picture, may also be in the vest replies may be, a direct link may be through the other post to do the springboard. According to the "

Zhang and his colleagues at different Post Bar theme and user characteristics for different news, and make the appropriate classification.

Zhang San led the team to find the more than 100 Post Bar, after analysis, selected from Post Bar are active users, these are strong, but are more concerned about the news information, and classified according to the time, the user behavior of similar Post Bar put in a class, as follows: the smell of information, and are classified according to the time section, user behavior similar Post Bar put in a class, as follows:

to find the fish, is to find the bait, bait is the key. Fish of the kids all know, for different fish with different bait. Here follow two principles is the "bait to fresh" "this kind of fish to eat". The news to the new, and a certain amount of explosive, to design theme according to the behavior characteristics and psychological characteristics of the Post Bar population.

about love Shanghai Post Bar promotion skills, for a lot of people are no longer strange. About how to use the online love Shanghai Post Bar promotion skills into the poor, secret code more master who summed up the big hair, this technique is very detailed, say no more. Today is to do an interesting scene simulation experiment, hope that through this experiment to deeply explore the strategies and methods of Post Bar promotion.


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