Lu Songsong the essential difference between the noble baby love Shanghai Google

Don’t be evil, can be understood as the eastern born brin the pursuit of life, can also be understood as the noble baby commercial interest standards. Because, more is not evil, more is to make information orderly, normal flow, the actual benefits to the aristocrat baby is also bigger. Many people think that this is just a show slogan, in fact it is the double standards in pursuit of business and personal.

noble baby always adhere to the Pagerank rankings, in addition to punish cheaters, and not any ranking. This is because the normal flow of information will be accelerated, the acceleration of information is the baby’s value, also bring huge economic value. Noble baby absolutely does not allow advertisements into search results. Otherwise, the quality of search results will be decreased by -> the user is not satisfied with the search to reduce the amount of -> -> ad clicks decreased, eventually still caused a decline in revenue. (later we’ll talk about love Shanghai completely different approach)

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The slogan

as everyone knows, the baby noble goal is " the integration of global information ". It seems from another angle, which can be seen as speeding up the information flow. The flow of information is faster and has great economic value. Accelerated, always is the main economic activities of human, that is the value of fast. From the steam era to the present, each time that the moving speed of the way have caused a huge change, human only, and the machinery in the steam era, is accelerating movement of people and goods, the information age is to speed up the flow of information.

in this system, what is useful is useful, the flow of information will become faster, noble baby will promote faster this information becomes useless, is a waste, will hinder the flow of information, the noble baby let him become more slowly, until it was abandoned.

1 noble baby, not evil, the flow of information

careful observation can be found, a lot of things no longer need solid material flow. For example, we no longer need to send a letter, and only need to send an e-mail. We do not need to subscribe to a newspaper then sent home, and only need to browse the website. This is the information age brings change. Who do the baby, this is to continue to accelerate the flow of information, people need to let things faster show in front of the.

love Shanghai clearly see the tremendous value of the search, and then into the market. We regardless of the quality of the search, look at the source of profit > love Shanghai

put the Adwords students will find that is not the price the higher the better, even if the price is very high, if the match is very low, the advertisement click rate will be very low. This noble baby still can reduce this matching frequency. This avoids the A in B search results on " I’m B" advertising to mislead users.


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