Love Shanghai jump caused by the processing method and background


how to check whether the site is love Shanghai Lailu hijacking problem in Shanghai can love your web site, and then click go to see if the jump? Jump, then congratulations, to solve it, the specific can check the website for any JS file, see the first paragraph is not an encrypted JS, if not their own set, then delete it, if not then check the page static files, seems to have not been adding additional code, this is a temporary solution, if you can put all the JS files and write permissions to delete it, delete the root directory of the search.php, and check the include file directory, the latest revision of the look to judge, modify the directory and dedesql.class.php files, and then check whether there are other Trojan website.

love is through Shanghai Lailu jump for a period of JS code, hijacking love Shanghai search engine background, its performance is: when the road is love Shanghai, then jump to the Bo * color website, note: some people may mistakenly think that this is the search engine spiders jump, in fact, when others through search engines, such as love Shanghai, when Google search page in, jump to Bo * color website, if spiders browse, or directly open, or from the other page click, open the original real web page. The technical principle of love: the love of spiders in Shanghai hijacking hijacking Shanghai search engine spiders and search engine traffic into the target site.

recently discovered when query company site outside the chain, the site was added to super duobo * color information chain, is linked to the /article/ directory, the results point to open a look, really exist in this column, and super duobo * color paper, then put the deleted directory without demur, originally thought to be for some time, stop. The second day morning after work and then delete it, hanging, hanging on both sides of wrestling are deleted, finally tired, /article/ is a temporary solution, the results did not take long, found the website snapshot into the site, click after actually jump to Bo * color website, open in the browser and then is normal if not, not normal snapshot words haven’t really found, this is in the website directory of all JS were added on the jump code, then only the code delete end, again after work is on Transfer process, work removed, in the last resort, all JS did not directly modify the permissions, slowly break, did not expect to just over a week, actually written directly in the HTML file, but finally resolved, continued to toss in a month, so be careful with you ah, are all several dedecms Website Web site outside of the chain is standing. The following figure:

above is my website for some treatment methods and jump of the article folder, but I also know that website vulnerability still exists, but is not found, I hope you update as soon as possible, said the following about love, Shanghai Lailu and /article/ on site caused by the jump.


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