How to improve the content of the page ranking


method 2: reduce the list page unnecessary link address, because I love Shanghai so to give weight is usually the second highest weight to the list page, finally the paper into the content page. In order to keep the webmasters more to be included in the list of pages, so much love some other column links and the latest column calling some other articles that greatly distracted the weight of the site list page, weight list pages are not, you want to the weight of the article page will high

believe that stop people know, do stand outside the chain to raise the weight, in addition to enhance the weight of the home page, the content page weight is also very important, especially on the content of station traffic to make money. If the content is just to be included or not, after ranking in the top ten that included in many are meaningless, but how to improve

home page weight while improving the weight of the content page


method 1: increase the list page keywords link update site article, you know the appropriate home insert the update when the keyword link helps to enhance the home key ranking, but also can guide the spider crawling back home in time hasn’t grab data. The same after adding a list of page links, the spider will crawl to the corresponding page list, and not included in the list of pages crawl. This is not only conducive to enhance the weight of the site list page, and on the transfer list page rankings and weight also played a certain role.


method 3: list page for don’t need weight or flow only as to allow users to see, and do not want the weight into the attribute link address plus nofollow, so to control the site weight in the direction of the flow, it is best to list the page in the address of the chain can add with, so you can ensure maximum weight the flow of the content page.

method: 5 pages with lots of other links to articles section current address and the address of the home page, to let the spider to go back, and the weights of the backflow.

method 4: list page exchange Links, this method is generally not used, I also just in the trial, the concrete will do remains to be seen. The meaning is the list of pages and page Links separate calls, and then use the list page to exchange Links and others, but the premise is you stand to do big enough, strong enough.

Yang Xuesong; www.weibogg贵族宝贝; link: to be honest, please keep the author and links.

well, I know these methods at present, if you feel right if you try to do it, this is someone else who despised the method will not work without his experiments. The method is to impart the elder brother, as you or not, anyway, I used to.


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