The real Shanghai dragon should do

was speaking from the most familiar content. Our current emphasis is the original content updates, anyway, with or without inspiration, to write some original content is updated every day, do not write articles for change to form the so-called pseudo original". Perhaps it is some effect, but Xiaobian think, with the development of the industry and the algorithm is constantly updated, this approach will soon lose effect. Apart from the original garbage does not say, search engine to the evaluation and not writing is good, but the value is much, which can meet the demand of users. The maximum expression is correlation to the content and keywords of how high, correlated well with the site how high.

so many times, do not have to emphasize the originality, personally think that the correlation is more important, not only refers to the correlation between keywords and content, including the correlation with the site. The website main keywords Xiaobian is Nanjing network company, so I post the best are related with the network, if I release associated with avian flu articles, even if the user in reading also walked, the bounce rate is very high. But if the user is in the Internet, read an article will feel good, and then see if there are other good articles, for such users, my site value is relatively high.

for example, the recent "H7N9 flu" is the network hot search term, many users will search for relevant news, but if the article was collected, there will likely be the user to search out, but this paper for these users is not what value, because cannot meet the needs of users, users are likely to ignore it or come directly after the jump. Your bounce rate also search an important index on the website engine.

so, correlation should consider the main factors we update the article, if we can produce high quality under the premise of the original course is also very good, if not, pseudo original or acquisition can be. But why not love spider collection articles? In fact, the major site of almost all the content, many website articles are multiplecontributions, also didn’t see what search engine punishment. It is mainly because the webmaster use collection tools for collection, as long as it is contains the keywords of the articles are to be collected or made between said the problem is not high.

The content of

an article "do you think you can do in Shanghai dragon?" share what is the real Shanghai dragon — not to go all the way with the spider in my eyes, trying to improve website ranking, but to the user as the real service object, provide valuable content to the user access authorized users, of course, the level of user acceptance will be reflected in the rankings. One might ask, I’m not talking nonsense? I had to do rankings. Indeed, the ranking is to be done, but the focus is different, the effect will be different.


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