What search on new breakthrough and development of the old road of thorns

of course ten years of sword, at this time choose to launch what, UC must have their own considerations, if not ripe, have obvious advantages, I think UC is not stupid enough to give their enemies. After all, in the Internet era, only need to cooperate with more companies will introduce what business entity, then what will bring more commercial interests, through what is the electricity supplier to bring traffic needs, and this demand will be in an unbroken line, in the future development of relatively, what advantage the service will be more businesses, also from some of the Internet giant on abruptly grabbed his own business, and for the mobile platform, with the sea is a rookie, whereas UC has many active users, UC can through their own platform to develop what, even through the implantation of UC browser what function. Let’s development has benefited from the use of the user’s own, and once formed a user stickiness, then for what is the relative development in the future It is not so difficult, of course, if after what can solve some problems of its own, timely update.

for frenemy 360, for what is a stealth blocking factor, 360 once and Tencent played a huge lead to war, both sides suffered great loss, while the 360 is going to practice processing time, what to take tougher fight, this cannot be from 360 see ambiguous attitude, but for what it is in fact a bigger impact on many of the domestic search platform, and this power if the rally is not a small blow to what, what development everywhere by a variety of different kind of blocking due to the cooperation of Alibaba, and is likely to. With the Alibaba in a hostile company will conspire to undermine this plan, let the Alibaba plans to realize.

UC in what search engine recently launched, it is pushed in the teeth of the storm, more is to Shanghai, the Internet giant is involved, for the development of what may, in the near term is not so easy, and even with the Alibaba of such business cooperation, what future development is still unknown.


will encounter a variety of resistance in the mobile search, according to the domestic situation, what was very likely to have an impact on traditional industries, and what the developer UC is activated with a large number of users, and this is the love of Shanghai feared, in the field of mobile application, and do love Shanghai not very good, so in order to compete for the mobile search this huge cake, what need to do a lot of love, but Shanghai will die bite constantly to suppress what development, with the continuous integration of Internet and real industry, what the development will change, and this change will bring huge the impact of love for Shanghai, what can be said is a kind of new things is a time bomb, have a huge impact on the love of Shanghai and of course, it is not difficult to understand why Shanghai love in love Shanghai mobile phone assistant will reject what.


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