Shanghai dragon how to let the spider suit you

(2) compressed media information. The spider is after all people made, for pictures and Flash is not very sensitive, Flash can’t even crawl, so the site is best not to have Flash, are good for users and spiders, let the spiders to crawl, but also enhance the loading speed, the user is happy. If the owners of the site must have pictures, advise you to compress the pictures after the integration in the upload, and each picture is to add the ALT attribute.

(1) CSS simplified code, website integration architecture. Webmaster in site or in the choice of the website source code, sometimes ignore or don’t pay attention to whether streamlined website source code, too many existing site code redundancy problem, to the spider crawling website inconvenience, timely modification is the first priority.

to ensure the quality of the site’s content under the premise of its website is based on the user experience, rather than the site is in the search engine, as it is said in the search engine for spiders, thus, understand the working principle of the spider, the spider crawling has become familiar with the priority among priorities, to meet the spider, to show the user through the search engine to the user experience.

induced crawling spider climb deeper

3. index: to strengthen the quality of content, keep the spider in the footsteps of

is a rare spider, if not to entertain a, not the chilling? My web site leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 mother inside pages have many correlation is very large, so I will each of my whole website pages with links in a chain of natural and reasonable, not love my spider web? Out of a net for my website and the focus of this big net woven, is natural and reasonable inside chain. Provides links to the natural and reasonable entrance spiders, should pay attention to the problem with this method is within the chain can not make too much, so that search engine optimization that is excessive, that would be counterproductive.


grab, the next step is cable >


imagine, when a spider crawling, suddenly because the network structure is not correct, the emergence of a node, so the spider crawling up to free time and effort, simply do not climb is not possible. So to find the spider crawling entrance, structure of our website in the capture process is particularly important, the structure of the site is not reasonable, the spider is a stumbling block.

2.: grab the station structure is reasonable, let the spider can run in both directions unblockedly

many webmaster in optimize work, always go with to adapt to the spider crawling habit, but I think we can converse to consider this matter, we through some way let the spider to cater to adapt to us, we can also achieve the effect, we are going to discuss. Through what way to let the spider to our



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