Restore the K enterprise website ranking process

in my last blog wrote an article about the recent new website optimization ranking and included requires patience, which mainly talked about the most recently received a new love Optimization Website orders of enterprises in Shanghai, and then began the whole process of the whole article to record the optimization of the enterprise website in July 11th, interested can see lasted 17 days the new rankings do this article love Shanghai search results page second process which records, but this site in Shanghai ranking at No. 19 ranked first in good times don’t last long, page second, the next few day Shanghai ranked shuttle back and forth in the second to 11, the love Shanghai is tough enough. Several times a day to update the ranking results ah, really vulnerable! It took about four or five days, the night before the "Bible" of the search. Key words in Shanghai love search ranking row to the first page first position, the second day in the morning I opened the computer examination found no ranking website ranking, including a lot of long tail words such as "Bible," wholesale "Bible company" and "Bible price" and "Bible factory" and "the Christian Bible player", "MP3 player" tail word Night directly disappeared, the only surviving "location above the words Bible wholesale price all is still first page fifth and stay there, this is one of the only remaining keyword ranking, see there is a place in my heart, there the bottom, other website ranking should still be saved, but my people do.

must have the webmaster friends heart may have recently is very impatient, hard business ranging from several months to several years, many websites overnight love Shanghai search results in the Shanghai love come to nothing, the official update so many owners are very weak, because some sites is not the so-called "junk" content the site has also been involved in, there will be some misunderstanding, love Shanghai official also admitted that at least. Anyway, love Shanghai search engine ranking algorithm which updates the mass must have its own purpose, of course, we as a webmaster heart is actually very clear, the so-called "unbearable, no longer endure", it is necessary to adjust the algorithm k a lot of junk information website, because a lot of content love is not completely Shanghai search user needs, so we must clean out the action plan, it’s only a matter of time, don’t come very suddenly let a person be taken by surprise.

to share my recent optimization of an enterprise website is love Shanghai K ranking fell about three days after the successful recovery of the whole process of love Shanghai ranking, also hope that peer stationmaster friends could draw from some website recovery techniques ranking operation method, but according to different types, different industries and different structure I can not guarantee the absolute effective website, but I wrote below today in the "Bible" www.shengjingbfq贵族宝贝 I optimized the site above is really successful, not much gossip said, go into the theme.


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