Scindapsus algorithm second line of Shanghai Dragon ndustry

The second is the sale of some

it is foreseeable that love Shanghai to deliberately hit Shanghai dragon will only become more and more strict, the popular Shanghai dragon industry will be putting the pouring a pot of cold water, how will the future of Shanghai dragon, we will wait and see. This article first from the construction site of the original Suzhou cable address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai, /369.html

network company Shanghai dragon production orders is nothing less than the accumulation of extensive articles, outside the chain, the chain of friends to. You can definitely say the station optimization is almost not on the itinerary. Orders from the single node almost invariably stressed the importance of the chain and the chain of friends. This algorithm is a very important one is to promote the chain to crack down on purpose, although it is said that some of the large soft promotion on the surface, but from the principle of love for the Shanghai spiders, he could not identify what station, how much for the station, how small is small, there will definitely be a a unified standard, so the chain of daily use is released, as in the anchor text, the forum issued a hyperlink, will become the object of attack. As a result, those on the station were only on the chain chain intensive and meticulous farming, support ranking corporate website, ranking may disappear in an instant. Enterprise website is the pursuit of quick list, can not be accepted for half a year or a year long period of optimization, can be said that the enterprise website optimization is a deformity of derivatives industry under Shanghai dragon, and a series of the chain of combat, may make the industry network company difficult.

compared with the first phase of the business volume to Scindapsus algorithm greatly well-known as the gold chain platform atrophy, has now disappeared. The green No. two can be said to be fundamentally eliminate the people outside the chain of survival space, the launch of these algorithms, can be said to be, largely to reduce garbage on the network, the chain out of order less. At the same time also can make a lot of fundamental for survival in Shanghai Longfeng company on the road to ruin.

rely on soft Wen survival network company, these companies usually have cooperation with the media platform, release the soft rely on profits, and once the Shanghai dragon industry began to avoid the soft link, so the company’s survival status as can be imagined, of course, will also have to promote the brand for the purpose of soft Wen to continue to cooperate, but the business volume has shrunk substantially, so that these soft trading companies will be very difficult to survive. May as its "golden chain" half disappeared in the network.

Most of the

distance algorithm on-line for just a few months, Scindapsus No. two again, the reason is to Shanghai dragon in order to obtain the ranking soft and released the news source the sale links by using the web site, of course, the complexity of love Shanghai algorithm based on the attack should deviate from the official. This may not necessarily very large gap.



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