The establishment process case analysis of Shanghai dragon two donkey nets

the donkey nets love Shanghai is ranked first, if you see a donkey nets love Shanghai included the amount is only about 700000, title contains only more than 15 thousand donkey nets. The data tell us that the word competition is not hot, into the front page is very likely. But look at home, most of the news page, these pages are the immediate results, to go faster, and generally do not have the chain support, so no need to worry about. The rest is love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the donkey nets entry, this is the love of the Shanghai series, the ranking is usually the nomadic word, damage is stronger but are random, ranking floating less time, but because this is a very obvious love Shanghai product results page, if want to see a donkey nets the contents are generally not click, so will not largely rob a donkey network traffic. So this result is anxious not countervail, generally ignored. There is one I see is a Bozhou forum, it is only in the title with a donkey nets so also temporarily in the home, also want to estimate the looting, see today title has failed to catch the words donkey nets, so it will be a Yuhua xie.

then entered the donkey nets look, found a very important point is the site data completely grafted people network data, but the treatment of Link Consolidation. This means that if two different domain name, there are a lot of high copy or similar pages, search engines will be fined or even right down. Therefore, in general, there is no good choice under the condition of using # to reduce the page included, but also does not affect the content of the website show. Because in the Shanghai dragon, the spider crawling in a URL page, # name will ignore it, it is also a link to the spider in the picture below just as a page of www.ganlvwang贵族宝贝, once the home page was collected, is not included in the # after all the pages. This would solve the problem of duplicate pages donkey nets and a large number of people with the same content network. People do not know the network is not really considering this to do so, this is why donkey nets so many pages.

donkey nets the "molesting" ganji贵族宝贝 events once again proved retrieval is that the original power flow, and this will be the future search for a hot and bright spot in the creative marketing, because only by the search optimization ranking is not up for it, this dish more and more original game player, void among the smaller game player. The donkey nets taking the idea of flow is really quite good, I hope we do search marketing friends can also use the subtle relationship between events and search, try to start from the subtle observation and creativity, enhance the development of the industry, but also for their own marketing multi-faceted refueling.

I wanted to analyze a donkey nets website of Shanghai dragon, in fact, the network has seen some of the donkey nets Shanghai Longfeng paper, but I do not think it is awesome. According to my own ideas and share with you.


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