The difference of search engine optimization and user experience Optimization

on the other hand, our Shanghai dragon optimization and user experience Optimization and differences. From the time when we see the Shanghai dragon optimization, in the establishment of the website to prevent the use of excessive code, to establish JavaScript misappropriation, and number of flash pages and pictures, text more hope.

from the perspective of user experience, users no matter what your Shanghai dragon, they like is not stingy, perhaps is concise, colorful, cool flash user preferences match results, like intuitive results figure. So, this is our search and optimization to law, here we need Shanghai Longfeng tasks and web site designers and programmers to communication, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both sides.


webmaster in website content to establish the internal operation, too, and even the pursuit of the original false original collection, the aim is to release more by search engines like this. The original best, pseudo original time, acquisition is waiting to be punish it. In this process, we also said that the original is a high quality of the article, and the "high quality" article, is our Shanghai dragon er said, we are standing in terms of search engine.

on the user experience, users can only think they have to help articles for high quality articles, regardless of you are not reproduced, plagiarism, false original, so we cannot in order to optimize and improve, it will incur ranking perhaps go up, but could not keep users and incur conversion rate very low. This I feel my Inner Mongolia Shanghai dragon blog do not apply, is the fundamental is I write, but readability is not high, of course, this is mainly because itself does not stand, do not, so the article is written is a plain.

1, website content optimization

everyone knows the station optimization to the website is the most important, website structure, content, in the chain are required to optimize the. In order to better rankings, site owners are crazy optimization, Shanghai dragon is certainly the preferred way of optimizing every webmaster. I just do optimization for a year, also continue to optimize the company’s website, through the summary of the optimization of more than a year later, we found that the target has changed, we are to ranking to optimize, perhaps this is the occupation disease Shanghai dragon Er, who only pay attention to rank it guidance. Today I and everyone talk about search engine optimization and user experience optimization. Differences from the following three point discrimination about search engine optimization and user experience Optimization:

2, the website structure optimization

site within the chain is also a major part of our internal optimization, in recent years the chain set up in the site’s ranking has a great help. Chain optimization in general to do is in the chain anchor text optimization, we will put the site key word anchor text in the article, and the theme of the website, promotion website > right

3, web site chain optimization


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