Several methods of anti shielding website

1, website using HTTPS encryption connection;

site using multiple IP address;

is the most simple way is to use the CDN service, according to different countries use different IP, a benefit of this is that even if a IP cannot access, users can through the hosts to modify the IP to access.

The 2,

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supports full text reading;

is an e-mail filtering system is not easy, especially foreign e-mail content sites should mail subscription, is a relatively simple way through the RSS system automatically trigger mail release function, there are several services (FeedBurner, Tencent subscription etc.) support RSS content automatically send e-mail. In addition, can also be through some third party plug-ins (e.g. WordPress Mail2Post) to automatically send e-mail.

6, support email subscription.


many webmaster, webmasters may encounter their site is being blocked from domestic problems, suddenly unable to visit, in this situation, the webmaster how to deal with it, how to do the site was blocked? Here introduces the common method of the site of several anti shielding.


domain rules are simple, all services can use an IP address, so it is easy to write hosts, easy to change the IP address.

, web content on the keyword will be obtained by the third party, so as to avoid the existence of "sensitive keywords brings risks, allows users to access more security and stability. If the budget is enough, the website should provide HTTPS access as soon as possible. But the side effects are consuming more resources and traffic, the web server also need to strengthen the hardware facilities.

for content sites, should support the full RSS, so that the user can use the online reader read the latest content, RSS also has a custom type strong, RSS can be content to different devices or on the web.


3, website domain name and simple structure;

After SSL encryption using

4, the website using the different domain name;

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website in addition to a domain name, should enable multiple "standby" domain name, which resolves to a IP at the same time, the website at the same time use relative address, different domain name can be fully accessed, it can guarantee the complete synchronization of multiple domain content. So, if a domain name can not be accessed through the opening of the new domain name to the new IP restore access.

5, RSS


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