Reasonable use of the network to promote the website included favorites

from the above analysis of search engine articles included a general principle, we know that you want to make your site to take some time included problem, and the space, so we have no other way to solve this problem? No, recently discovered a way to steadily improve their website included, here to share.

included in the site as one of the important factors to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking now included problems is one thing many webmaster headache, because their day update is not included in the growth, many new sites to find their original articles, search engine is not included, even included a downward trend, in order to to solve this problem, I believe that many owners have spent a lot of experience in the above, we first analyze the search engine not included in our article:

said the following is to use the network to promote the favorites included. Network search hidden clip should be webmaster friends are very familiar with the stuff, it is the role of the most primitive people remember some convenient useful websites created on their own, as we are familiar with the QQ bookmarks, love Shanghai collection; in recent years has also been a large number of owners as a way of increasing the net station outside of the chain. When we write an article, we only need.

The !

first from the weight of the website: website of influence weight often affects the spider to grab the article, a weight high site, you can instantly get the search engine spiders crawl, and included, and some even directly copying others article, search engines can be seconds, such as we are familiar with A5 and Chinaz nets an article, a few minutes can be included in search engines, the weight is high; while for low weight website, want to make their own articles indexed by search engines, it is not so easy, because the weight of their website is low, when you send the article, search engine spiders are not possible notice, even if there have been crawling, may not be included in the article, if there is no good way, webmaster friends can only slowly to keep up the website weight, however Problems included slowly to solve the website, this is for the webmaster can be a long wait.

again from the quality of the quality is more and more attention because of the Internet search engine, there is a lot of repeat information, not a fresh creative article, leading search engines do not included many pages. What we should do is to improve the quality of the article, said that maybe many webmaster think is original, yes, the original article is search engine love, but not their own original written a word is original, erroneous zone as many webmaster friends, in fact, an article is original. To see him with the other similarity is high, the search engine has a standard, it is not how much more than the original, so we should learn to false original, so as to enhance our writing speed, the current station updates to do not only have the quantity and quality of


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