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(2), know love Shanghai Library (official FAQ, data type

on the first page of the natural rankings we put the site classification

sometimes when our boss, we assigned a website or our new website just on the line we do not know how to maintain or update, do not know where to start a step, we need to think about our website after we should do what to optimize the operation in a shorter period of time to promote keywords our website ranking, today to share a few points on the website after the on-line maintenance operation strategy.

The change of

for the on-line maintenance after we must have a plan of his own, if we do not specify the plan and optimization operation is a very absurd thing.

index of us to love love Shanghai Shanghai index search index will list the related search terms of data, we need to look at the top two of the relevant search words, related search terms on the right will list the fastest rising, on the right side of the data and some others do not, if there is the fastest rising search the word is clearly tell us a big change in the user needs real-time recently, if there is no relevant search words, indicating recent keywords ranking is stable.

of these three types of website ranking will be prompted to change our big data, these three sites have what kind of website ranking to the top three shows that this kind of website needs to improve, such as some keywords love Shanghai know within a week before the rankings to three, then the user to ask for >

Related words keywords According to the data of

, a pathfinder (a detailed understanding of the situation of the industry)


(1) page rank (non business class)

us to adjust our navigation order, which related words rising quickly, which in the front row, will be placed in front of us in navigation.

Changes of Change

search keywords on the first page of the auction website and natural ranking website, bidding can damage ranking requirement, some commercial words will auction website in the title (such as the best and the most authoritative, ranked first in the US and so on) the natural ranking is not able to appear otherwise, our ranking is very difficult to row up.



(3) real-time information forum

we are going to see the search target words related to our word of the search volume of some words which rise in decline, including the surge and reduction of violence situation we have to understand that this is conducive to our understanding of changes in the key words last week or a month to the user’s needs, we have a recent change for some time the user needs to be adjusted according to the US website, Shanghai will love our website mentioned in front of Shanghai, love according to the specific demand data of a keyword to adjust ranking.


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