The five elements of local portal should be paid attention to in the process of development

love grow together, go into the line activities.

is the two most important factors is the content and the promotion, the first three elements has explained, the promotion is mainly determined by webmaster want to line cooperation, word-of-mouth marketing line will let you get unexpected results, word-of-mouth marketing strength is beyond your imagination, only done people know.

four elements: to avoid excessive optimization, local portal site are not regular, careless operation can easily be K. Everyone in the construction of the local portal site the amount of time, some not excessive pursuit of search engine, and should put the user experience first.

three elements: the section design is simple and reasonable, step by step. Local portal site is the most important is the popularity of traffic, popularity and traffic, will be more easy to cultivate loyal customers, newcomers will become very simple. Local portal site is often not too much manpower and material resources, so the design of website, especially in the initial stage, you can not too thin, but should be the most attractive force on the forum, with the development of the website, and then gradually pushed into the section of the detailed work.

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two elements: create unique news source, those not developed a local portal, you will find a common problem that is news content are reproduced from other news network news with no originality, no more attractive, of course could not get the favor of the netizens. So the construction of local portal site, should strengthen cooperation with local media and government agencies, to create their own news source.

five elements: make the promotion of both online and offline, local portal site to local Internet users as the main customer groups, so the promotion must not be limited online, only by means of promotion, QQ group forum, Shanghai dragon optimization; in fact if coupled with effective line promotion, such as cinemas, cafes, night market DM publicity, advertising, and television advertising, will effectively enhance the local portal site visibility, reputation and brand naturally follow.

national network era, local portal site has also become a remarkable characteristic of the development of the Internet, many grassroots webmaster have also added to the construction and operation of the local portal, and here the author discuss the five elements of local portal should pay attention to in the process of development, hope to promote and help we can.

elements: portal site content, the content is very important for any type of website, and the local portal website, is a versatile generalist nature of the site, so the design of web content is particularly important. Moreover, the content of the website, column design must be in the initial construction of the website structure, design or even earlier should be ready for web content plate.


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