360 search using their own website to seize the traffic

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360 search just on the line, it brings dense background in statistics at the site keywords and IP, really make me excited one. The webmaster forum, webmaster exchange group are also in the sun 360 search for their station brought much traffic. We all thought that the personal website of the spring is really coming, no longer have to look at the face of the love of Shanghai. But with the regression of netizens to search 360 fresh and love Shanghai a series of counter, I found 360 search traffic from a day less than a day, now every day brings the flow is less than half of the maximum time before. 360 search market share may have dropped by half, I did not drop the ranking of keywords, is the only possible 360 search tricks on the search results page. Let’s open the 360 search secret


two, 360 began to "take care" of their own website

search engine and occasionally care about their own products too, because it can give the user with better.

, a 360

360 is not the search for advertising, but do search engines need funding and personnel investment, 360 is to rely on what products to obtain income? We can give a list of what 360 revenue website. A, site navigation two, three, 360 and 360 shopping mall four, 360 "game five, six, 360 group purchase navigation seven, first I love etc.. In seven the main products of the four is the guide nature of the site, but also what we called Taobao customers. Of course, the 360 shopping mall and there is almost no Taobao navigation 360 group purchase goods, most of the well-known B2C mall and the network group purchase goods.


in about 360 before we look at the love for Shanghai. Love Shanghai although rely on advertising to get a lot of benefits, but it still refused to flow to the webmaster. So one after another to develop products, with their own products occupy an important position in home, so as to obtain more benefits. Shanghai love this big brother is not willing to waste flow, moreover, 360 search advertising revenue? An important position so the 360 search out shopping guide websites of their own search page, the flow quickly realized. (below)

from the chart we can see clearly that the two products of 360 of their own, they not only occupy the front position, and illustrations, content design of enrichment, it attracted the attention of users. The most hateful is the two block occupied by the height equivalent to the 7-8 normal height of the search results. If we stand in second place, now is the equivalent of ranked ninth, plus the user is above content to attract, so it is difficult to pay attention to our station. This is the reason why we bring 360 search traffic less



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