How to make your own website PR to stability enhancement

how to make your site PR to stability enhancement? For a long time do not want to write this article, because there are a lot of online now on this article, everyone can be found everywhere, but why to write, is a website in recent years I now do, this involves in terms of content, so write and share with you. How to improve the PR value, is not what good mystery. The only way is a small amount of added outside the chain, therefore this article, although the subject is how to improve the PR value, what is important is how to increase internal links, improve PR value.

2: links love Shanghai Google included normal, if only to do the PR value, only each other PR value high, despite being in love with the sea K. With such a link on the website of the PR value promotion and sponsorship. But to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon no sponsorship, but also hurt. If the ultimate goal is to do you promote the PR value of the Shanghai dragon, it is not followed by falling in love with the sea K site exchange.

is the current mainstream friendship link means to improve website PR value, but also results in contrast to quickly. However, a new web site to add high quality friendship link.

just remember that the Shanghai dragon industry, didn’t know what all, don’t even know the chain and what is PR, so PR website at that time is always zero. Since in their skills lecturer under instructions, I know a little fuzzy PR and the importance of the chain, so I pay attention to the outside of the chain to add. Website set up after 2 months, from the indirect PR0 up to PR2, let me present only careful to do, put up a website PR value does not that difficult event. Now share with you, how to do outside the chain, improve website PR value. The following is a summary of my way:

three: note

two: friendship link

1: my site outbound links number does not affect the PR value of the rise and fall, the number of links to other websites linked but have indirect effects on your PR value progress. The other link less sponsorship to your web site the PR value is greater.

The above is I >

: the promotion of soft paper, containing the URL I write each article, in the article are left at the bottom of the blog page key links such as I am, and then sent to various platforms, and then reproduced by many websites. Thus accumulated a small site outside the chain, many friends will think to write original articles very hard, you can try to fix some popular network news events, the wonderful in my website, and then to the forum or blog announced, can play a good consequences. Just as personal experience, with a soft form, important is to add some article pages outside the chain, to optimize the key consequences is OK, but to improve the PR value, or in some weight high website home page with links to the consequences will be significant point.


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