Key links site optimization strategy

is our common book, the inside too much out of order URL, most of these garbage sites, so there is no what help to us, also is outbound links too much of the website, the station has no what value for us, so when a station outbound links too much. We don’t have to exchange with people Links.

What is the principle of the

so we now explain the key link spam spam links, sometimes not only play a role, and may even be counterproductive.

well, I sum up the high quality import links to 1, can be submitted in the search engine directory, 2, in the high weight website released some high quality of the original text, and to bring us the link, 3, in our relevant industry website propaganda of our site 4, looking for high quality Links.

This article from the

link, when the search engine to do a web site evaluation is not only depends on the content of the web site to the analysis, there is a very important link that links.

First we look at the

link? When the search engine when evaluating your site, a search engine that will, if your station is a very good website, then there will be a lot of website you mentioned, you mentioned more, the greater the value, we often call out this chain, for our website ranking is a crucial step.

in front of the point is we often say that the high quality of the chain, it would add a link, including high quality soft, and relatively high PR Links and so on, well, these you see related articles.

when we do in Shanghai dragon, the general keywords can be easily done, but in the face of some very competitive keywords, we speak in front of these alone is not enough, this time we need to do? That is what we want to say today link strategy.

at that time so people will find ways to make more of the chain, and there are too many spam links, which is why we often say the full post.

: www.yyzbda贵族宝贝 if there is please keep the source address

we are a very important step, that is to compare the weight of relatively high site to send relevant information, whether domestic or abroad have quite a number of excellent web site, if you can have very high quality articles made up, so for your ranking is also very favorable.


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