Use love Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram to increase web site advertising revenue


is a personal view of the above views, only hope to provide you an idea, this paper first A5, reproduced please keep this link:, love is to share.

Using the method of Two days before

love Shanghai heat map is not introduced, do not know can go to Mou Changqing’s blog, we first look at a picture of the effect of 28tui

then I think we all know what to do, since we can see users love Click position, so we just targeted in the position of the insertion point of advertising can be, once a habit is formed, it is difficult to change, but if you put the landing position directly above the local exchange. Advertising on the landing position, so you certainly affect the user experience, and even the loss of a lot of users, so the best way is in the position near the place a small amount of advertising, such as the value of the user experience, can also increase the income, this is the best solution.

went to Mou Changqing’s blog, he wrote that article is good webmaster tools recommended love Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram, after reading an article with a saw before Zar, does each website user click the position of love are not the same, if you use a statistical thermodynamic love Shanghai map, then you can know the user to your site where you love point, and then again to insert an advertisement in the vicinity of the location, then it can enhance the income of your website, especially Google advertising alliance, with the role of some I love Shanghai heat map.

has introduced in an evergreen blog: "through the above can see right at the top of the region, which shows that the position of the red up, click on the more popular popularity. Because the top right is a member of the registration / landing position, and most loyal members are the first direct access to the home page, and then login to the forum. Therefore, the location is the home page click on the highest rate is reasonable.


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