On site internal optimization

1, the reasonable path

has encountered a small C website content deleted the site, after the repair on the home, still did not escape the fate of K, duplicate content website is to be reduced to the right, the same article do not appear in many different URL, repeat too much of the search engine is not love. Light to eliminate duplicate content, even lead to site is down right even K station. If the website data is deleted and search engines, we should give priority to submit the dead link on the case that can not be reduced, "

spiders cannot read images, but can read the Alt property, set the Alt property related to let the spider know pictures, ditto truth increase search engine friendliness, Alt property to comply with W3G standards.

search engine to improve, but still can not guarantee that it can read the JS, all the design time external calls to JS and CSS. The spider crawling the page, too much JS and CSS code is not a spider love, adding too many other codes will seriously affect the spider crawling rate in real web content HTML article, affect the search engine included the page. So the external reference method call JS and CSS is a very good way. If not must use fancy website style, they can make the site simple and generous, it is good for users and search engines.

3, JavaScript and CSS

navigation optimization not only can keyword weight also give users a good experience, we do website optimization if it is small, such as blog, enterprise station, we usually adopt a flat tree structure, follow the principle of three hits, reduce the spider crawling depth, to make it more convenient to search engines at the same time, users can also easy to read.

4, Alt property

why do I have to put it in the first place for it, because of the small C think it is the most important. What need to browse website, path right, reasonable URL design not only beautiful and more convenient search engine, greatly improve the search engine friendly. If the beginning of URL design is not reasonable, not only affect the search engine on the web is not friendly, will have a very large impact on the optimization work in the future, all the URL optimization must be put first. C suggested that URL uses the HTML form, if it is still the most dynamic pseudo static.

2, clear navigation reasonable

The design of URL website

5, to avoid excessive repetition of

call external callAlthough the

brewing some suggestions for a long time today C according to personal experience about the station optimization. We all know that content is king, the chain for the emperor of the truth, what is the content, original? Of course, the content of the real meaning of the original version and is the basis for this is the small C no ground for blame, talk about how to do well in the station optimization.

The structure of


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