Update the direction from the love Shanghai earthquake 2 Analysis of the future Shanghai algorithm t

May 2013 pomegranate algorithm

is the main target of attack: 1, super chain intermediary, 2, selling links, 3, buy links

last June from the "love Shanghai earthquake" to Scindapsus algorithm 2 this year, love Shanghai several more. The adjustment of the algorithm and love Shanghai of Shanghai Longfeng blow to most people Voices of discontent. So, we have to look at this love Shanghai several important algorithms and analysis after adjustment, love Shanghai algorithm to update the direction.

why do you hit this kind of contains a large number of low quality pop ads page? In general, for improving the user experience point of view. Pomegranate is a very rich nutritional value of fruit, Shanghai do not know what love is not meaning that our site should have the same nutritional value". On the other hand, our webmaster is to eat the pomegranate. We want to focus on providing high quality content for the users, improve the user experience from the start, do high quality content. No matter how the algorithm changes, we will not be affected.

main attack: garbage soft outside the chain of sale of

6.22 and 6.28 events — "love Shanghai earthquake "

February 2013 Scindapsus algorithm 1.0

is mainly for some large sites of the two domain names sold soft platform, but not all of the soft, soft quality, not only the user is willing to love, communication, only the garbage soft Wen, advertising is very obvious, will hurt the user experience, forcing the user to read. According to this algorithm 2 > Scindapsus

is mainly aimed at containing a large amount of low quality pop ads page

in the face of these problems, we must first remove the link that owners to buy, and then update the quality of some of the original content, to make our weight recovery as soon as possible.

12 years of 6.22 and 6.28 is the webmaster of a day to remember, because in these two days, fell in love with the sea K has fallen about 180 thousand websites on the Internet, let stand changmen with profound respect and humility, feel insecure. The love of Shanghai big update algorithm, mainly for no original page of the copy website. This update is love Shanghai to do a big clean-up on the Internet, to provide high-quality results for users, to ensure the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, should support. The webmaster to reflect on how to cater to the love of Shanghai, provide real value to the content to the customer.

July 2013 Scindapsus algorithm 2.0

love Shanghai on a site’s punishment, there is a period of assessment, if at this time to solve the problem of the website, will be at the next review our website weight recovery. If you do not solve the above problems, so the weight of the website is difficult to recover. At this time, we do what we can to pull some third party vote, that is to do some chain weight high, will have a good effect.


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