Optimization of the reflection on excessive after a novice webmaster website

problem is such a day, I drop from the clouds, I love Shanghai, the name of the website, the website suddenly found no name, no description, only a bare the… This is the situation at that time, I put this screenshot section to a lot of people to help solve the problem.

I was anxious, this is what, I also find the reasons from the Internet, and complaints snapshot, and update the server space, and from the new 301 orientations are not, many users have experienced are said to be optimized too, new haven’t love with Shanghai to establish a good relationship, and so on good.

, is the first two weeks. But still did not change. The more impatient. Even want to give up. This situation is a serious impact on my website. Traffic is very down. Later, this situation has lasted more than a month, finally restored >


first said I do the chain was crazy, to what extent is the first version of the brush machine outside the chain of tools, I used a lot, and I downloaded from the Internet a lot of software running out of order, the most ruthless of my "twenty-four hours" computer shutdown has been running. The chain manual version I started really is in each big forum Post Bar sent a lot of original content, but I can not persist in a few days, the thought of some crooked ways way, finally I have handed over to the machine "".. This is my stick to half a month, because a lot of software is to say a month or half a month will be able to see the results, I want to stop, because I haven’t seen a little effect. But also from the Internet to find the reasons, most users still say robots work or not reliable. But I still want to try. So he has been diligently.

I was just waiting for

original website, every day I will write some stupid things, but every day, I like the intense enjoyment, do not even know what is written in their own. Because my heart is that, as long as the search engine not everything is original, I even have a lot of typing out of order. So I still insist on hot.

as a novice webmaster, I from the site after building up the new station, the pain must have all the webmaster all know. No traffic, no ranking. The site began hard, I have a deep feeling. Because I have experienced a storm.

said the storm, I still say…… The original site has just been established, can not wait to feel so that everyone can understand, almost every day, even every few hours will use love station or check the site webmaster tools. Want to see your keywords ranking, but the data are not optimistic, looking for some new Adsense guide like information on the Internet, most of the argument is to keep the chain, then their original content rich website. So at that time, I entered a crazy optimization process.


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