Optimization is a test of patience Don’t give up in one step away from success

is a good old saying: a good beginning is half the success, the word cat is very identity, have a good mentality, you need to do is work. Diligence what? Updates every day every day to do, but it is likely that a do a few months later to see results, so this is not a easy thing, very simple to machine, but to the people, let him repeat a few months to do one thing, then sooner or later lose interest. The cat said to all the Shanghai dragon ER here: do your work to do to Shanghai dragon mentality. Every webmaster must have experienced such a thing, not only need to update every day, but also regularly do some outside the chain, the chain of course is not so easy to do it, you need to carefully treat, the number of the chain is not much, but in essence, with the high quality of the chain instead of what junk links. This sounds is very difficult, some people listen to a few months at.

believe that a lot of buddy to lose hope because of the need to optimize the optimization time is too long, and some buddy bosses or managers hope that the Shanghai dragon ER early results, in this case the kitten see also many webmaster friends said, but also a variety of all kinds of sad tears. Especially for the novice webmaster is more of a headache, because the novice webmaster never contacted, nor did the relevant successful cases, it is the lack of practical experience, here to say that SOE is not only the kitten playing time is in battle, and their psychological warfare.

and ER chat in Shanghai Longfeng have discovered a lot of people give up halfway, but these people are the most sad, or insist on working hard step you will be successful, but not take the final step, and then returned to the friends shouting don’t do on the Dragon Phoenix, useless. Success can also earn money, how to feed themselves and their families, or do other. Hey, such people how to say, no matter what to do things without perseverance and perseverance to do, no matter what you do not succeed. Often the more so, the more is to pass the miraculous Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon actually very simple, is a slow work and meticulous work, as long as you stick with it will be able to get what you want, but that is because many people insist on not compromise their abandoned Shanghai dragon, so that the cat do Shanghai the dragon needs to have a good attitude, then diligence depends on our.

of Shanghai dragon, don’t worry too much, as long as you are the starting point is right, then you must be on the late end point, the middle is just a time problem. The cat thinks patience is fine, or else it will not choose the Shanghai dragon dull as ditch water work. The cat own summary, if the Shanghai dragon set into a mathematical formula, so that simple boring work is well done, but that is because people do, but also have the machine is different and the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, and so many people have no persist failed.


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