Examples of Shanghai Longfeng barge anti chain tool useless to say

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chain batch bulk software are known as "disclosure" article said, is your site address submitted to a webmaster query website to generate query records, and records of pages indexed by search engines, so as to obtain the chain, get the weight. "An article" disclosure "collected most of these sites are less well-known sites", which I agree, but when it comes to your data will form a lot of love Shanghai or Google included the illusion, but it is not really the chain "has since received beg to differ, recorded, said what is false it seems to have never included false said, according to my verification, this included are exist for a long time, the search engine has not been recovered. In addition if included, and domain, the link command can query to these included, that said what is not true outside the chain of

The first


is my website, what is the second? Chinaz IP website produced third records: 293 website value appraisal from records, Fourth: okajax query Alexa I stand rankings produced records, knowledgeable people should immediately understand? Front row usually use the domain command to check out the result is a high weight, in addition to the first row I site itself results in second to fourth, we can see is generated outside the chain through the webmaster website query generated record. This is the weight is not high

The principle of

see "novice error in Admin5 today: exposing the Shanghai dragon anti chain tool the true face of" one article, the said Shanghai Longfeng chain tools (in fact, mainly is the chain of batch bulk software) useless questioned. I wrote and introduced to refute this theory, and pointed out the direction for the novice cleaning. First talk about my experience, so that everyone can experience from judgment to me. I have developed the first domestic oriented acquisition software, network information collection experts (than the locomotive as early as 3 years), has long been engaged in the search engine spiders especially research; Shanghai Longfeng part-time study for 7 years, also developed a chain of mass software, this software has been free of charge, so I am not for the benefit of but this criticism.

examples prove these included is true, and some weight is high, or take my L-carnitine (贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/ station, I recently wrote L-carnitine more articles, has become a new generation of "elder brother" trend) the first rank, so that everybody says I have a no effect in Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station for example no convincing, long tail word my station L-carnitine most row home page, a few in the top three, the subject "s" also had a short time to the front page, and these are the realization of Shanghai dragon I spend very little time, some rely on similar outer Shanghai dragon the software to complete the chain group. You can fall in love with the sea at domain:www.***贵族宝贝.



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