n the light of its general trend natural flow flow sharing method

Methods beauty

2 QQ group, file upload. The first is made into a PDF document, the people in Shanghai dragon group can see a large number of PDF documents, some Shanghai dragon books, some of their own scratch, but above all to the watermark, surface is "XXX share". The second method is to upload a small software, there are links to your web site, of course, the premise is that you have this. Third ways to upload the txt file, specify "XXX download address, XXX address dry cargo sharing".

there are a lot of people should see this way, beauty, hand holding a piece of paper, write "XXX", this way for some types of Web site traffic is very good, what kind of website? Their own experience in Taobao! Can buy this ID photo, choose photography beautiful models remember, not PS, is the real shooting, PS’s appeal is not so big. Then it is released to the various type of community platform QQ group, site drainage.

1, I take my own mobile phone as an example, millet mobile phone comes with a "app store", every time I download when installing the software, all >

, QQ group drainage and QQ point like

, too much time!

two, Shanghai and Shanghai know love love Post Bar drainage

some Adsense every day to write the original article, a large number of the chain, but do not go up, still no traffic, but some owners have been concerned about how to do the flow of this one, after all, no traffic flow is king, everything is no good, no traffic is no discount, this paper introduced me to share with you the flow of several commonly used, many people may have seen, but may focus on the Shanghai dragon, so the drainage method is not very concerned.

four, APP download page, online novels, TV drama review

three, ID light flow

1, QQ group information and mail distribution. This is not to do, now be playing bad, but still play a good effect.

3, QQ point is not a new thing right, do a advertising nature picture, use the software for batch praise, especially for some large flow of QQ space points like better.

love Shanghai know of the ranking is very good, if you have no time to do your own new questions, you can ask the answer directly in the ranking is good, I don’t suggest to do the new

Post Bar love Shanghai drainage has been concentrated in the movie website or download the website, you can find some of the more popular Post Bar look, in the theme of the reply below, there are a lot of links with the reply, do not underestimate these bring traffic can not be underestimated. I have tried, in Post Bar left a link, the day brought more than 70 IP, Post Bar strong remarkable.


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