The growth of a rookie SEO

for a while, did not write the article. I think I might be too busy in the near future; I have to work during the day and study at night; however, I have to find an excuse for not writing the article. Just now, I opened the seowhy Q & A, once again see the husband and wife to share the experience; for me is also a great benefit.

I also Jingxiaxinlai, share a section on "learning SEO experience" (Note: the text is just superficial, not too much; at the same time, also called dry cargo) in their SEO road to learn those hardships and memories. Also clearly remember that in October last year, just contact SEO, at that time, both curious and excited for SEO. Because the feeling through the SEO can let the site keywords ranking quickly and get the relevant traffic, at the same time, this thing is very attractive. SEO optimization to give me the feeling is that you can not touch, feel, guessing and a magic technology.

I use my spare time every day, to the webmaster forum and SEO forum, as well as to the SEO blog, the home of the webmaster, A5 and other well-known learning SEO. Sometimes, when I find a problem puzzled, will go to Baidu to see all the relevant answers, or will go to the forum and Baidu know the question, to seek answers to this question.

remember, I met a 404.htm problem; this problem is very important to listen to people say that, without this 404 page, there will be a lot of dead link will be Baidu to grab, and will be search engine that you site is very poor; finally lead to your website is not good in Baidu ranking, I heard here, I feel a worry at first; then, I asked a few stationmaster, ask 404 pages to do? But no one is willing to help you and do answer, because in their eyes, the 404 page is too simple, so the problem of a contemptuous disregard you.

from the 404 page production, cancel the 301 redirect, pseudo static site, nofollow, robots, etc.. A series of problems of the site, are their own use of the Baidu search and related users in the online solution; slowly groping, careful study, repeated test. I think this process also has a lot of webmaster friends, once upon a time, but also to me, as a rookie SEO in the slow learning, thinking, research is ultimately our grasp, acceptance, use.

about my "SEO learning confidence" appeared in an uncle who, remember, he is doing business at the time of lights; then he wanted me to do SEO website, at that time, my SEO level, just belong to the entry-level rookie SEO. Then, I use the knowledge, I help uncle a little improvement; and then to do the article, the hair of the chain. After gradually some rankings, ranking, I personally do not dare to say is my credit; because I have to do the most simple things in SEO.


, I was encouraged by the uncle, and got a little life in their own SEO

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