This kind of people will never make money online

do not understand technology, no money, no experience, in fact, these are not problems. For the beginner, the technology can be learned, experience can be accumulated, the funds can be earned. Only a person’s character is difficult to change. Some people in the character of evil registered this person will never succeed in making money online, including forever is only a dream.

is the first one, lazy learning.

this kind of learning initiative is almost 0, do not want to learn anything, what is difficult, what problems would like to have a hand to teach him. He even Baidu, GG, such as the minimum search engines are almost useless. Just wait for someone to do everything to him, the best project to tell him, the money into his hands, he can make money while sleeping.

second people,

lazy thinking

he couldn’t 35 Fen hair money, only earn million yuan. But he didn’t even know the basic knowledge and skills. So he desperately looking for online to earn $10000 project. After finding the money, and then cheated. Because he did not even know the principles of the project, profit model, feasibility. But this stupid past hope, not as a warning for the future, Study hard, but that his bad luck. So continue to find the project, continue to be cheated. The most ridiculous place lies in, will be very cautious to ask a question in as before: really? You can’t cheat me? No need to tell each other what truth, facts and examples demonstrate, as long as the answer to the two simple words: "really". He will immediately return to a "Oh", and then began to be cheated again.

third kinds of people: ask the stupidest question

this collective more than two people’s problems, but also put on a very good school life. Everywhere add webmaster QQ, consult the so-called money online problem: how to make money online? What is the way to make money online? How much money they can make money online online? Is it true? This problem is best not to answer this question, it is not because it takes too much time, but also it is difficult to say clearly. The most important thing is to ask the question of the people, tell him more can not expect him to make a little progress.

fourth kinds of people: poor quality

this person as if the whole world owes him, blabbering swear. Such a person will not have friends, all destined not to succeed. The two is that he does not have a tolerant attitude, he will not be a rational, peaceful attitude to look at the world, learn from others.

for more than four people, I can only say at a distance. But then again, the higher the reason why many people earn money, that is what these people give thanks. Because of this mindless lazy is really too good fooled.

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